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Spectre Corp. [lb]

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Post  vesper on Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:45 am

Spectre Corp. [lb] 11kfrrl

Society fell in the year 2012, a result of a world-wide epidemic that nearly annihilated the human and animal populations. A savior, a great deity of old, manifested to protect the remaining living creatures, humans, animals, and plants alike. Under the Deity’s guidance and watchful eye, civilization was able to begin anew, hosted in giant bio-domes that kept the Demons on the outside.

Centuries passed, and it is now 2243.

The Deity’s children, magnificent beings of a great variety, have integrated into human society, and humans are now the minority. The majority of inhabitants of these bio-domes continue to worship the Deity that saved them centuries ago, but they worship a lie; a lie so great that the creators of this grand lie will do anything to keep it a secret from the main populace.

Will you help them keep this fake utopia in place? Or will you be one of the ones to bring it all down?

It’s all up to you.
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