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Kaboom. [tag: Eri]

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Kaboom. [tag: Eri] Empty Kaboom. [tag: Eri]

Post  Nell Hedon on Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:01 pm

It was a little remarkable how she got there. Like she'd gone through life with weights on her feet and suddenly ended up in a castle in the clouds kind of remarkable. The little spunky troublemaker from Kansas wouldn't ever in a million years have said she'd be working at a psychiatric institution, arranging Star Wars marathons for a group of people that were likely more interested in snuff films. But then, she also wouldn't be entirely to have guessed the other events of her life. She wouldn't have wagered on things like her uncaring mother trying to kidnap her. Or keeping through the night to spy on the sexiest gangster the world over. But hell, she'd seen it all. It seemed that at each stage of her childhood, youth and young adulthood a new evolution of Nell decided to steer her life in a new direction. Each seemed vastly different in ways while being utterly predictable in others. Now, with the power of hindsight, they seemed to made sense. But hindsight was 20/20 and foresight was a blindfold at the time.

During her childhood she went from a sad little girl, too skinny, to being some one much closer to her current identity. She started off quiet, like a little ghost of a wallflower. Just a little girl with those big dark blue eyes. Growing up in a quiet house. She kept the lights off the the curtains perpetually drawn, The apartment only lit by the remnants of sunshine that got through the thin yellowed fabric. The rooms cast in a sort of perpetual gold colour. When night feel, the lamps clicked. The little Nevalee, who padded barefoot through the silent home, a ragdoll in need of a wash in one hand and a half empty box of crackers in the other. Peering around corners and watching the goings on. Her mother, her mother's friends. She stayed quiet, that was her job after all. Stay quiet and mommy will give you a cookie before bed. Little Nevalee loved chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. She stayed quiet and played alone in her room.

Then a little older but no louder. With her hair too long an tangled at the ends. She wasn't used to brushing it or having it brushed so she spoke up only to shriek when anyone tried. They cut off her hair at the chin after a month of trying and eventually giving up. She barely noticed it was gone, like it had only been there in the first place when some one was foolishly trying to fix it. It seemed with the tangles gone the reminder of her life before started to loosen it's hold. She started to wear those little plastic barrettes in her hair and finally started to fall asleep before one in the morning. Slowly she started to develop into more of a human girl and less of the paper doll. She learned to love things, like new clothes, anything pink, eating peas fresh out of the pod, and songs she could sing along with. She chose her name from one of those songs and sang it in the shower most mornings. She went to school and was scolded for talking when the teacher was trying to teach. Slowly she seemed to grow into that perpetually smiling creature who went by Nellie and kept her head up at all times.

Then youth, were she grew her naughty streak and struck out in the world in all the wrong ways. She held a thirst for thrill so strongly then that it seemed to overpower her mind, body, and soul. She grew brash and bold, into the kid of girl who got drunk at parties and lifted up her shirt for shits and giggles. The kid of girl who snuck out at night and spied on rockstars, the kind who owned a little lock-picking kit and carried in her purse. She got high and mooned the girls who mocked her. Some would sing her Cindy Lauper lyrics. That she was just a girl who wanted to have fun. Some just found it fuel for a fire, calling her a dirty slut and throwing remnants of sandwiches at her.

But even then, the abuses of teenage girls felt like nothing to her. Nell have suffered before, and it felt clear to her that those people couldn't touch her. Their bullying wasn't the problem, however the social leper status had hurt. She was dealing with it all, but having no one her age to talk to about it all was crippling. Thank god for the digital age. Money saved when to a laptop with built in webcam. A few clicks of a button, a slick of mascara and the time it took to register for a youtube account and she was on her way. An entire globe ready to hear her stories, offer advise and just generally give her self esteem a bump on a regular basis. Feeding her ego and egging her on. Pushing her to shock them all further and take every a few steps further than anyone ought to. Step by step. She knew it was a mistake, all of it, every second most likely. But with a crowd of drooling boys behind her she felt... vindicated, like a she was right and big and important for once. A girl on a mission.

This bad driving lead her to a place she never would have dreamed to end up in a million years, Hadley and while at first she fought it all tooth and nail, eventually she gave in. She wasn't always right. In fact she was probably wrong more often than not. So she sat and tried to reteach herself how a girl ought to behave. And the rest was history.

Or at least most of it was. Hadley was long gone sure. Lost in a pile of legal age, and jobs and travel. But some of the people remained. Most importantly. The man she was going out with that night. In her bathroom she washed the make-up off her hands and gave herself a final inspection. Over the years she'd learned to toe the line better. She had reeled in her teenage wardrobe of short shorts and belly tops for something that only hinted at the sexuality beneath. She looked more like a lady these days in her elegant white lacy top, but with that little it of prowling sex kitten evident in the leather skirt peeking out beneath. She smiled, readjusted the fake silk flower in her hair before heading out of her apartment and the two steps required to get to the next. She rapped her knuckled against the door, smiling at the guy who answered.

“Miss me?” She had only been gone a minute, but she always liked to hear Eri admit it anyways. “Ready to go?”

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Kaboom. [tag: Eri] Empty Re: Kaboom. [tag: Eri]

Post  Eri Gaudamo on Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:26 am

It wasn't unusual to to see Eri Gaudamo propped up against something. Be it a wall, a street lamp, or his leather couch that housed his issued apartment. Two things were always certain about it, he was relaxed, still as a sculpture, his eyes cast into the distance almost vacantly, and his face was the picture of calm ice. He wasn't an easy read to most in this way, but his demeanor could always be told by the second thing, the way he smoked his cigarette. The smooth inhilation and slow sigh meant he was calm, and as usual silently angsting about something, no matter how minor. The current was how easily the girl he considered his wife, could just as easily leave anywhere from five minutes to several days. Yet, no matter which, the beautiful blonde would leave a dull ache of loss, a hint of misery, and even more emotional fatigue no matter the time when she left. Nell was the kind of girl he could have around forever and never get tired of her.

Her whims, whether she was bubbly, tired, or half asleep kept him attatched on a string. The girl could ask him for the moon and he'd kill anyone who stood in the way of getting it, no matter how impossible the odds. Eri wasn't always an extrovert. The guy was the quiet seething cauldron in his family. By no means did this mean within the parameters of the real world Eri wasn't a gigantic personallity and polarizing figure no matter where he went, however, in the Gaudamo family, with cousins the likes of Leo the Butcher, uncles like Diamond Don Lucchese, and ancestors like Tony DiSimone, not to mention his italian descendants. Eri was an absolute small fry, always destined to be under someone's wing, an apprentice to his family's legacy that he'd never truly enherit until he was in his seventies, not even without dispute.

It was tough being a chubby little italian kids in those days. His father a part time meat packer by night, but scrumbling thug, hitman, and resident purse snatcher he was in the days. Those day slittle Eri all of eight would ride around Manhattan with his dad watching closely and even participating in the crimes. Eri was always bright, beyond his years in school, but his brain was never rusty. He absorbed every little bit of math, numbers, and writing. By the time he was twelve however, he was a gangster, through and through. He'd already beaten over fifty men half to death, his reputation for having a cast iron jaw, and heavy right and left hand were well noted. In his teens however, Eri was clearly on the path to being a reckless, uncompassionate thug forever. He enjoyed his life, robbing, stealing, pistol whipping,and living from beer to beer, joint to blunt and one hollow teenage to adult relationship after another. Hadley however changed his life for the better. Eri learned to channel his negative energies into a passion for life. Living every day with a purpose, if not to be better, then for Nell, and even wtihout Nell for a time, back in his original environment, his mind turned to business and making money.

Eri killed the stock, the banks, and businesses, in a gangster like fashion. He made his money legit and turned his life around. He was barely into his twenties and already he'd found the woman he wanted to spend his life with, traveled all across America and Europe, he'd been in so many hairy situations and bizarre things that he'd actually wondered what to do next before he discored St.Matilda's. As he took a soft sigh of smoke, his brow furrowing lightly, he thought about how things could've been drastically different for him had Nell decided not to come along. Infact, his life probably wouldn't have been the same period without the girl. He tended to be more organized, attentive, and perceptive of what people held underneathe.

Eri knew a long time ago what it was to deal with snakes, greedy men, and insatiable low down bastards. He never knew genuine people, or lunatics with masochistic tendencies, suicidal compulsive liars who held their emotions deep underneathe the guise of insanity. Eri had thought for a long time of becoming a counselor for these people, but figured he was too irrational in his solutions for helping them, but figuring the least he could do was offer his insight in being successful in life, such was making money, and dealing with life in general, St.Matilda's was the answer. Albeit a psychotic answer, it was the least he could do to repay the facility that'd helped him the most. The very least he could do was teach a few psychotic goons the basics of life skills. How hard could that be? He shrugged the question off though, it was one of those insane questions that could only be answered with, 'Yeah how deep was that rabbitt hole Alice chased the white rabbit down?' or 'Let's play Russian Roulette, what's the worst that could happen?'.

He also forgot about it because of the soft rapping, tapping at his door. Dashing the ash from his cigarette, he smirked to himself and stood up abruptly, a soft rustle coming from his dark black suit that accented his slender yet muscular body. His dark brown eyes quickly met Nell's and a smile cracked across his stoic face. Damn that woman, there was no way he could be tough around her. Maybe if they were at his Mother's or Uncle's eating a gigantic dinner, or in a club, or anywhere but a shared space with just the two of them. She made his heart beat a thousand times a minute, several thoughts crossed his mind, and it always seemed one of them would pop right out when she was with him. She was the most opinionated, receptive person he knew, the only person he trusted with all of his deep dark secrets and ridiculous feelings. From the moment he met the girl he felt as normal as could be. Like for once he was a person, not just a cooky italian, or a rougish brute, or a mental patient.

"Is a polar bear's toenail cold as hell?" Eri mused as he took the petite blonde by her waist, drawing her close and inhaling her sweet scent. Her style was so timeless to him, whether it was the way she accessorized a school girl's outfit, or short shorts, or tank tops, or plain nothing at all. It was her demeanor and swagger about it all that attracted eyes and stares, but her personallity was one of a kind. Eri eyed her up and down forgetting they had a date for a moment, "If you know where you want to go, i agreed to a date, but you had to pick, haha and i hope it's not outside, or anywhere close to the crazies, i mean, the last thing i need is for our first Vermont date to be interrupted by a hardcore serial killer or somethin..." Eri said, his voice thick with east coast slang, his smile turning to a cocky smirk. His arms wrapped around Nell's waist innately despite the cold breeze at her back seeping into his apartment. He leaned close to her and stared at her face longingly, inhaling her scent deeply and whispered. "....I know you left like....a couple minutes ago, but God damn you look beautiful."

Eri Gaudamo

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Kaboom. [tag: Eri] Empty Re: Kaboom. [tag: Eri]

Post  Nell Hedon on Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:21 am

Eri was something more than Nell had ever hoped to have. Who was as unstoppably handsome and delightfully roguish while at the same time managing to be a straight-up, stand-up guy? There would have been a time when she said that just didn't exist. She would have scoffed. Said the bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold cliche only happened in movies. She would have even sat a poor soul down and explained it. Bad boys got their name because they're bad. ... Duh. A leapord doesn't change it's damn spots and any girl who tries will find themselves looking an awful lot like a snack. She would laugh as those girls got eaten up. Munched as a penance for foolish thinking.

But against all odds was Eri. Every bit the knuckle cracking, leather jacket wearing trouble maker. And yet he smiled genuinely, even in his eyes, stayed true to all the sweet things he said, gave up the gangster life and brought a 'wholesome' blond country girl back to meet his family. Other girls were eaten alive but Nell Hedon was a exception to the rule just as Eri was. She took a bad boy with no intent to change him and yet he changed before her very eyes. He retired his mafia ways, even if she never would have asked him to and here they were. Starting to build a straight-laced, respectable life for themselves. Nell Hedon and Eri Guadamo were the fairytale that poisoned the mind of hopeful women. The kind that would be eaten by tigers one day.

Even more unlikely was the fact she found him in a nuthouse. Each one lock up for their troublesome natures, popping mystery pills and hoping for the best. How they both took wrong turns; dated kids that used and abused them. Left them both with hearts battered and raw. Until they took comfort in one another and saw, FINALLY, what they'd been missing all along. Friendship turned to love was a beautiful thing. The ease of comradery the perfect companion to lust and passion. It took some time for the troubled to become the reformed, the process was perhaps a bit harder on Nell than on her determined partner, but eventually the fairytale of freedom came true. Nell would stop telling their story one day. To keep the tiger girls from feeding their bad ideas.

"You bettcha," she confirmed with a grin and a little giggle as he swept her up, his touch on her waist. Nell wasn't the only one who smelled good. She loved Eri's scent, always. Be it the variety of his body wash, his cigarettes, or simply the musk of him after a long day. Reformed as she maybe, Nell still had a sexual being at her core, a beast that responded strongly to the animal scent of man. There were few things that her motor running more that that. She couldn't help but touch him. Her fingers smoothing over his shoulder and adjusting his collar. Loving the body heat that lurked beneath his clothes like a cold-blooded lizard loved a heat lamp and a rock.

"Oh but I thought we came here for the crazies..." She teased easily. After all it was his idea to come to St. Matilda's. She'd been entirely on board but still. They were do-gooders now. How wild was that? True Hadley success stories, she thought, so damn reformed they were going to help with the reforming of others. Eri more so, but she was doing what she could. At least brightening days a little here and there. It wouldn't seem worth much to some but Nell was proud to even do that. She was sunshine, that always seemed to be her place in the world and she was happy to have it.

"Besides, you shouldn't write off the hardcore serial killers. They cut a mean steak." She gave a cheeky little wink. She'd always held a bit of a morbid sense of humor, going to work with a low-budget horror movie studio after Hadley. There was just something strange and fun about the spooky. She loved it.

"Mmm... thank you handsome. You're such a stud." She purred happily. The closeness made her sway in his hold, almost drunk off excitement and love. She leaned in the fraction required to close the distance between their faces. Pressing her lips to his, sweetly at first and then with a bit more pressure and a bit more fire. Nell's exhibitionist streak was mostly cured but she still held a bad habit of doors left open behind her and PDA in the entry way. Not a conscious effort on her part more so than absentmindedness.

Eventually releasing him she broken out of his hold in a playful skip and gave his ass a quick, light spank. "You ready to go?" she asked with a smile, a flick of her hair, and a wave of her purse. Teasing felt as natural as breathing between the two of them. A fact that Nell savored like a fine wine. One of the many reasons she fell for him.
Nell Hedon
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Kaboom. [tag: Eri] Empty Re: Kaboom. [tag: Eri]

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