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Harold Masterson

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Harold Masterson Empty Harold Masterson

Post  Dr. Harold Masterson on Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:06 pm

Harold Masterson 2ymj6ok

-Masterson Harold-

Harold Masterson RS3

    Date of Birth: May 13th 1978
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Address: 1123 11 East First Street, New York City, New York, 10003
    Physical Appearance: 6’2” with a strong build. English descent with fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes.

-About the Job-

Which position are you applying for at St. Matilda, and why? Please tell us a little about what interests you in becoming a member of our capable staff.

I’m applying for the position of physician. I’m interested in this position because I have worked with mentally ill patients before and am looking for the chance to do so again. For a short while when I was employed at Royal London Hospital I was on call for the Psychiatric Ward. They had recently lost one of their primary physicians and needed the extra hand until the new transfer could be properly settled in. It was only for a few months but it brought a new level of challenge to the job and with it a new level of reward.

Why do you feel that you would be an asset to this facility? Please give any and all examples relevant to the position you are applying for.

I feel that I would be an asset because even though I only worked briefly with the mentally ill at Royal London I did some research afterward. Until I moved to the United States I had been planning to officially transfer to the ward so I wanted to be prepared. I’m a highly skilled doctor capable of working under pressure and on the spot. I started in the trauma center of the Emergency Room and worked there for some time before moving to the main hospital. I’m also a licensed general surgeon. I’m unaware if St. Matilda’s has a surgeon on staff but I am more than willing to fill the position should there be an emergency.

If you were to be offered the position, would you concede to a non-disclosure agreement knowing and understanding fully that you would be forbidden to discuss the facility's methods and procedures with anyone other than your fellow staff members? Would you agree to a background check? Would you agree to be rigorously tested for drugs?

Yes, I would agree.

-Employment History-

Please list your three most recent employment experiences. If need be, may we contact these prior employers for reference purposes?

While living in London I worked at Royal London Hospital. This is also where I did my residency after medical school. I worked the main hospital and for a short time the psychiatric ward. I then moved to the United States where I worked at St. Vincent’s hospital in New York City. As previously stated I started in the Emergency Room before moving to the main hospital.

Yes, please feel free to contact my employers for reference.

What was the best job you have ever held down and why? Conversely, what was the worst job you have ever held down and why? What were your accomplishments and disappointments, and how did your experiences at these jobs help you grow on both a personal and professional level?

The best job I had would be working at Royal London for the short months I worked in psychiatrics. It brought a level of reward to the job that hadn’t been there before. I felt accomplished helping those even less capable of helping themselves. It gave me a better understanding of people. Before I’d been working with people capable of telling you what was wrong but with those in psychiatrics you couldn’t always trust their word. So you had to really do your job.

The worst job would be working in the Emergency Room at St. Vincent’s. It wasn’t that I disliked the position but it was different. I was adjusting to the American medical system and had to do so in a high stress environment. Once I was settled in the only issues I had were the hours and sometimes it got to be overwhelming. However, I managed to keep my head through most. Once I transferred out of the ER I was much better off.

-Personal History-

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, what was it, what were the consequences, and how did it affect your life?

No, I have never been convicted of a crime.

Have you ever, at any point, suffered drug or alcohol addiction? If so, how did you overcome this particular adversity and how have you learned from it? Do you think these past experiences will have an impact on how you interact with the facility's patients in any way? Please explain why.

I was once a smoker but in the last couple years I have successfully quit. I do not think my prior usage will affect my ability to handle the patients in any way.

-Written Interview-

What is your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness?

I feel that my greatest strengths are my work ethic and determination. Working and getting the job done right is very important to me and I will stop at nothing until I’ve finished. I do not like to leave anything incomplete unless it is absolutely necessary. I’m a very driven individual. Once I’ve set my mind to something nothing will stand in my way.

As far as weaknesses go I could say that I’m rather stubborn. Because I’m so driven and determined I often let it go to my head and refuse to back down. I won’t let anything go unless forced. I also have a tendency to hold grudges even if amends have been made. My ego also gets in the way when it comes to some decision making but I do my best to keep it in check.

What motivates or inspires you? What discourages you?

I’m motivated to do good and help people. I wouldn’t have become a doctor otherwise. I’m aware that I can help everyone but even saving one life means more to me than anything else.

I have to say not much discourages me. I’m not brought down by challenges or obstacles in my path. If anything these only push me to try harder. If I had to pick anything I’d say that other people who give up discourage me. There are times where one may feel as though their hard work is null and void when no one else will try. At the same time, depending on the situation, it will drive me to keep trying to show the other that I’m going to push through and succeed.

How do you deal with stress and/or pressure?

When I’m feeling too stressed or pressured I turn to music. I find that sitting back in my favorite chair with a record on or my guitar in my lap really helps bring me down after a hard day. I’m also a regular coffee drinker and a good cup is sometimes enough to take me back and keep me at ease.

Finally, tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in the brough of Knightsbridge in London to a family of status. My mother and father had connections throughout the city and I enjoyed a life of privilege. I will admit that early on in my life I was a bit rougher around the edges but time taught me to be a better man and that is who pens this application now. The better man walked away from the path that he could have landed him in much hotter water than anyone could imagine. Despite being born to privilege I worked hard to get to where I am today, graduating high in my class from medical school. I went on to do my residency and work at Royal London Hospital until I decided that I needed a change.

I moved to New York City where I started working at St. Vincent’s Hospital in the ER. After a short while there I found that it wasn’t enough of a change. I had only switched systems but the work was more or less the same. I needed more. I hope to join the staff at St. Matilda’s very soon and that it provides the challenges that I seek.

-Legal Documentation-

    By applying for and accepting employment within any of our facilities, you hereby agree to abide by all rules and terms of service outlined in employee handbooks, rules and codes of conduct. You hereby agree to undergo a background check and/or drug test should Crane Pharmaceuticals feel it pertinent prior to accepting your application for employment. You hereby agree to undergo any further, random drug testing should it be necessary. You hereby agree to communicate and work in accordance with fellow facility staff in regards to the recommendations, demands, or outlines for treatment of the patients in the facility, and to comply with your immediate supervisor should she/he suggest differently. You hereby agree to waive your right to hold Crane Pharmaceuticals and its Subsidiaries responsible for any personal harm or distress incurred during or after employment. You hereby waive your right to communicate with any non-Crane Pharmaceuticals staff regarding any facility methods or procedures or patient information or treatments. Crane Pharmaceuticals and its Subsidiaries reserve the right to add or amend these terms of service at any time.

Please sign and date below.

    Harold Masterson 16/01/2011

Crane Pharmaceuticals ®2009, 2010
Dr. Harold Masterson
Dr. Harold Masterson

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Harold Masterson Empty Re: Harold Masterson

Post  Admin Ghost on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:10 pm

Harold Masterson 2ymj6ok

. Your Application for Employment Has Been Approved .


    Crane Pharmaceuticals has approved your application for employment within our state of the art facility. Please read the information below for details, and don't forget to read the facility code of conduct and prohibited items guides.

    Your Job Title Is Physician.
    Your Immediate Superior Is Dr. Allison Blake.
    Your Facility Administrator is Dr. Nathaniel Brideston.
    You have been assigned to Staff Apartment: 14

    All staff are required to be on call while on site. All staff are required to be familiar with ward and grounds maps and conduct procedures. Duty shifts for ward and medical staff are on a rotating basis, and you may be required to work nights. All ward, occupational and medical staff must be certified to run group therapies by a Psychiatrist unless otherwise specified by the Facility Administrator.

    Don't forget to go to the USERGROUP section to sign up for your St. Matilda Staff group! If you don't, you won't get a username colour, and the account will be subject to deletion during the next activity check. And don't forget to claim your play-by on the face claim and add your character to the who-plays-who.

    Thank you for choosing a Crane Pharmaceuticals facility as your employer. We hope that your stay will be a pleasant one, and wish you every luck in your future career.

Crane Pharmaceuticals ®2009, 2010


Harold Masterson 2ymj6ok
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