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Hallowsgate Hospital,
1507 Slaughters Creek,
Cabin Creek, WV



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Jaxon Graham

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Jaxon Graham Empty Jaxon Graham

Post  Dr. Jaxon Graham on Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:09 pm

Note: This application was filled out when Jaxon first came to work at St. Matilda's Vermont facility five years ago. He is now 36.

Jaxon Graham 2ymj6ok

-Graham, Jaxon-

Jaxon Graham Ncf6a0

    Date of Birth: 8/15/74
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Address: 42 Meadowbrook Lane, Dallas, TX 75201
    Physical Appearance: The picture isn't enough? Well, I'm about 6'2", athletically built because I like to keep in shape. Sandy blond hair, blue eyes, light stubble most of the time because some mornings I just can't be bothered to shave. I never let it grow too long though...the Grizzly Adams look doesn't suit my pretty face, you see.

-About the Job-

Which position are you applying for at St. Matilda, and why? Please tell us a little about what interests you in becoming a member of our capable staff.

Psychiatrist. Having just finished my residency at Dallas Medical Center and recently licensed in psychiatry, I have been referred to your Institute by my colleagues. I am in agreement with their verdict that it would be a good fit for me, as I've done some research into your facility and think it would be a good place for me to garner some more experience in my chosen area of expertise. Though I've had several other offers to practice with local hospitals and private practices, I am intrigued by the opportunity your facility presents. I've spent my whole life in the South too, so the allure of the North is hard to ignore.

Why do you feel that you would be an asset to this facility? Please give any and all examples relevant to the position you are applying for.

I believe my credentials speak for themselves. After graduating med school with flying colors, I immediately went into my residency at Dallas Medical, where I have been practicing for the past three years. I'm a quick learner and will no doubt flourish in a stimulating new environment. I've learned all I can here, and I'm ready to get my hands dirty in my chosen field. I believe I will be a great asset to your institution because although I don't have a great amount of experience under my belt yet, I am quite capable - as any of my colleagues can tell you - and excel at anything I put my mind to.

If you were to be offered the position, would you concede to a non-disclosure agreement knowing and understanding fully that you would be forbidden to discuss the facility's methods and procedures with anyone other than your fellow staff members? Would you agree to a background check? Would you agree to be rigorously tested for drugs?

Absolutely. I wouldn't expect anything less.

-Employment History-

Please list your three most recent employment experiences. If need be, may we contact these prior employers for reference purposes?

Dallas Medical has been my home for the past three years. Before that, I attended UT Southwestern Medical School, earning my MD after four years of schooling and clinical work. I first attended the University of Dallas for two years, acquiring an Associate's Degree in liberal arts before I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and pursue a career in Psychiatry. During that time, I interned at his private practice. Unfortunately, I did a lot of filing and made a lot of coffee runs. Any job I had before then isn't worth mentioning.

What was the best job you have ever held down and why? Conversely, what was the worst job you have ever held down and why? What were your accomplishments and disappointments, and how did your experiences at these jobs help you grow on both a personal and professional level?

I always have trouble answering questions like these. I feel like a broken record already. Anyway, the past three years I've spent in residency have been a whirlwind and a blast. There honestly haven't been a lot of disappointments, and any disappointments I have had have been worthwhile learning experiences. My accomplishments have been numerous. Receiving my MD and later my Psychiatry license are among the proudest, most rewarding moments of my life.

-Personal History-

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, what was it, what were the consequences, and how did it affect your life?

Oh, now we're getting into the nitty gritty. Yeah, I have. I was a rebellious little terror before I really buckled down and went to med school, though I have been in a few bar fights since then (and earned a few traffic violations too). In my youth, I was charged with breaking and entering, shoplifting, and drug possession. I wasn't the greatest kid, obviously, but I've kicked my bad habits. Didn't have a choice, and the road I was going down wasn't a good one anyway. Luckily I got some sense slapped into me so that I realized it in time. Needless to say, I've done a lot of community service, and served a 28-day stint of rehab for the drug possession charge.

Have you ever, at any point, suffered drug or alcohol addiction? If so, how did you overcome this particular adversity and how have you learned from it? Do you think these past experiences will have an impact on how you interact with the facility's patients in any way? Please explain why.

I was never addicted to drugs, but I experimented with a lot of them in my youth. The drug possession charge demanded I go to rehab even though I didn't need it. I'm not an alcoholic, but I do enjoying a rousing night out on the town, especially at the end of a rough work week. I smoke cigarettes - though I wouldn't consider myself a heavy smoker - and the occasional cigar.

-Written Interview-

What is your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness?

My greatest strength is my sense of humor. Not everyone appreciates my sarcasm, but it's well-intended and, when it comes to the study of Psychiatry, I think it's important to be able to find some humor in it every now and then. A man sees a lot of discouraging things in this line of work. For me, it's been my sense of humor that's kept me sane.

As for my greatest weakness, well, I suppose I can be too tenacious and stubborn sometimes. I'm proud and I don't like to admit defeat, and I'm a little pushy when frustrated. This is a challenge when working with especially fragile patients, as I don't always have the delicacy or patience required to make them feel completely at ease. I'm trying to work on this, however, because I don't want to be limited in the kinds of patients I can successfully treat.

What motivates or inspires you? What discourages you?

It's hard to say. I suppose I haven't really thought about it much. Failure discourages me. That's easy enough. I don't like to fail. I've breezed through most things in life so when I come up against an obstacle I can't get around, it's hard to hide my frustration and disappointment. As for what inspires me...the human mind. I know it's a fairly predictable answer for a Psychiatrist, but there are no limits to my curiosity as to what makes someone tick. Challenges inspire me too. You know, the kind of case that's difficult to solve but not totally unsolvable, the kind that keeps you up all night with a pot of coffee trying to put all the pieces together the right way. It can be pretty invigorating, especially when you know you're on the right track.

How do you deal with stress and/or pressure?

I'm no stranger to stress. Being a doctor is stress, but it's a kind of stress I'm comfortable with. I'm the kind of guy who likes to be on his feet, moving around and doing things. I don't relax easily, but when I do need to blow off some steam from work, I like to get together with a few friends and play poker and drink a few beers...typical guy stuff. My sense of humor comes in handy during times of stress. Sometimes it's misplaced or inappropriate, but I do my best to maintain a sense of professionalism at all times, especially with patients.

Finally, tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm just your average Joe, I guess. I've led an average life and I'm ready to really make an impact on the psychiatric community, which I believe I can do best at your facility. I've never been married and I don't have any kids, so I'm not sacrificing much by leaving Texas behind. I like classic rock, women, barbeques and football, and I prefer to go by Jax. I'm a typical Southerner in many ways, but I'm definitely not a redneck, and I'm not much interested in the government, politics or religion. I take life with a grain of salt, but I take my job seriously. I like to do things my own way, but I don't criticize others for taking a different approach, because different things work for different people. All in all, I'm a pretty open-minded guy, and I'm looking forward to collaborating with and learning from the other capable minds in your employ.

-Legal Documentation-

    By applying for and accepting employment within any of our facilities, you hereby agree to abide by all rules and terms of service outlined in employee handbooks, rules and codes of conduct. You hereby agree to undergo a background check and/or drug test should Crane Pharmaceuticals feel it pertinent prior to accepting your application for employment. You hereby agree to undergo any further, random drug testing should it be necessary. You hereby agree to communicate and work in accordance with fellow facility staff in regards to the recommendations, demands, or outlines for treatment of the patients in the facility, and to comply with your immediate supervisor should she/he suggest differently. You hereby agree to waive your right to hold Crane Pharmaceuticals and its Subsidiaries responsible for any personal harm or distress incurred during or after employment. You hereby waive your right to communicate with any non-Crane Pharmaceuticals staff regarding any facility methods or procedures or patient information or treatments. Crane Pharmaceuticals and its Subsidiaries reserve the right to add or amend these terms of service at any time.

Please sign and date below.

    Jaxon Graham 9/19/2005

Crane Pharmaceuticals ®2009, 2010

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Jaxon Graham Empty Re: Jaxon Graham

Post  Mod Lindi on Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:39 am

Jaxon Graham 2ymj6ok

. Your Application for Employment Has Been Approved .


    Crane Pharmaceuticals has approved your application for employment within our state of the art facility. Please read the information below for details, and don't forget to read the facility code of conduct and prohibited items guides.

    Your Job Title Is Psychiatrist.
    Your Immediate Superior Is Dr. Nathaniel Brideston.
    Your Facility Administrator is Dr. Nathaniel Brideston.
    You have been assigned to Staff Apartment: 03

    All staff are required to be on call while on site. All staff are required to be familiar with ward and grounds maps and conduct procedures. Duty shifts for ward and medical staff are on a rotating basis, and you may be required to work nights. All ward, occupational and medical staff must be certified to run group therapies by a Psychiatrist unless otherwise specified by the Facility Administrator.

    Don't forget to go to the USERGROUP section to sign up for your St. Matilda Staff group! If you don't, you won't get a username colour, and the account will be subject to deletion during the next activity check. And don't forget to claim your play-by on the face claim and add your character to the who-plays-who.

    Thank you for choosing a Crane Pharmaceuticals facility as your employer. We hope that your stay will be a pleasant one, and wish you every luck in your future career.

Crane Pharmaceuticals ®2009, 2010
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