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Aubrey Dysraeli

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Aubrey Dysraeli Empty Aubrey Dysraeli

Post  Aubrey Dysraeli on Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:28 am

Aubrey Dysraeli 2ymj6ok

-Dysraeli, Aubrey-

Aubrey Dysraeli 1zvv4fa

    Date of Birth: 02/06/1990
    Age: 18 since June!
    Gender: Male
    Address: Currently,
    200 Montesquieu St.
    Chalmette, L.A. 70043
    Physical Appearance:Nothing too extraordinary I suppose. I’m 5’11” like my father before me. Both my parents were tall so didn’t have to worry about that whole recessive shortness playing into anything. I’ve got brown eyes, black hair, and the beginnings of a small goatee sort of thing going on. Dunno might have that shaved off by the time I get there. Seems to be sending the wrong message.

-Medical History-

Do you suffer from any ongoing medical conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes, asthma or other long-term physical disabilities, diseases or afflictions?

I had asthma when I was younger, but grew out of that when I grew into my limbs.

Do you have any allergies to foods, inhalants or medications? Please list allergies and age of onset below.

None that have arisen thusfar, though I have an aversion to latex in general. [s]Not my kink.[/s]

Does your family have a history of any ongoing medical conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes, asthma or other long-term physical disabilities, diseases or afflictions?

[s]Aside from the brain damage both my parents seem to have developed since they married one another, which I swear is a chemical reaction of some sorts,[/s] not anything out of the ordinary.

Aubrey’s parents have confirmed that there is a history of diabetes on his mother’s side of the family and his Grandmother on his father’s side died from complications of a heart episode.

-Psychological History-

Do you, or have you ever suffered from a mental affliction, or do you feel that you have problems with your state of mind? Examples could be anxiety, depression, seeing or hearing things that are not there, suffering from uncontrollable impulses, or entertaining damaging thoughts such as wanting to harm/kill oneself or do something damaging to another person. Have you ever abused controlled substances, alcohol, or prescription medications?

Once or twice with my parents. Then again what teenager hasn’t want to string his parents up with their stethoscopes. I have only once acted on such urges and they were rather…misdirected. Unless you’re talking sex. And if you are that means you already know about the whole porno thing. As I’ve told everyone that brings it up, I’d have done it again in a heartbeat and no I don’t give a [s]damn[/s] that I was underage.

Aubrey is currently being tried for the rape of a thirteen year old boy, in which the boy had to be treated for multiple stab wounds as well as a split rectum. The other incident that he mentions refers to a pornographic video which he took part in while he himself was still a minor.

Have you ever seen someone for these problems or addictions? Or have you been hospitalised or housed in an institution or home for people who suffer from mental afflictions, or admitted to a drug rehabilitation centre? If so, for how long, and what was your diagnosis?

Been there once and never planned on going back. Unfortunately Lady Luck is a real [s]bitch.[/s]

Aubrey was housed in The Hadley Institute for Troubled Youths a few years ago but was withdrawn before he turned 18 by his parents. He quickly ran away from his home and had been living with several friends before moving to New Orleans. He was admitted for sexual masochism and substance abuse problems after the incident with the pornography surfaced in his life. Unfortunately, I am afraid that these diagnoses may have been inaccurate seeing as Aubrey’s latest incredibly violent sexual encounter.

-Personal History-

Where were you born, and where did you grow up? Were there any complications during your birth? What was your infancy like?

I was born in Baltimore. Lived there until I had the good sense to get out of that hellhole my parents called a home. I was a quiet baby though I wouldn’t be surprised if my parents tried to experiment on me.

Both of Aubrey’s parents reside in the medical profession. They also deny ever running experiments on their child.

Did you ever have any long-term separation from your parents?

Wish I had. Other than my time at Hadley they were always there staring over my shoulders.

Do you have any siblings? If so, did you get along well with them?

Unless you count the miscarried fetus in a jar in the basement. We got along quite well Amanda and I. She just kinda sat there and bobbed in the formaldehyde. And my parents wonder why I’m “abnormal”.

Did you attend public or private school, and if so, what were your grades like and how did you feel about it?

Public school for me – one escape I had from the mad scientist labs of home. I had good grades mainly because I wanted to go to college out of state. Very very out of state. Like Hawaii or something.

Do you have an interest in the opposite or same sex, and if so, when did you become aware of this interest?

Both. Can’t have enough of a good thing now can you? And for the second part, that would be 5th grade. Fraternal twins are oh so cute.

Were you ever admitted to a psychiatric or correctional facility for juveniles, and if so why were you admitted, and how did you feel about it?

Thought I already answered this question. And yes, after scrolling back up yes I have already answered this. Hadley and I hated the place but at least it was away from home. And it had several….perks.

-Criminal History-

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, what was the conviction, and was was the sentence served, or fine paid?

Lets see….public indecency, defiling of private property, and the latest charges of whatever the hell they decide to slap on me.

Aubrey was found asleep under his highschool’s flagpole with a stolen cadaver, which had been sexual defiled. His parents paid the fine for this offense but Aubrey was kicked out of school. This was right before the tape was found. Aubrey was then sent to Hadley for sexual rehabilitation. Currently his case is pending in courts though the defense has decided that with his history of being in juvenile institution that they will go forward with the plea that he is not mentally fit to stand trial.

Have you ever taken or abused controlled substances? Have you ever had an addiction to prescription medications, or have you abused alcohol?

I have surgeons for parents. What do you think?

Aubrey has experimented with several recreational drugs as well as vicodin, oxycoton or any other painkiller that his parents had on hand. Likewise he has admitted to underage drinking.

-Personal Interview-

What are your goals in life?

Don’t have any at the moment. Get a job and get an education. Earn a living. Maybe with something like stuffing dead animals. Especially cats. God I hate cats…

How do you hope that our facilities might help you in achieving those goals?

Getting me off the hook of rape charges would be nice. Maybe help for curbing certain…appetites.

Finally, tell us a bit about yourself.

Wasn’t that the point of this entire application? Fine you want some other things about me? I like blood. Blood means something isn’t dead. It means that it isn’t about to be put in a jar and look at you from a yellow liquid for the rest of your existence. Blood means there’s life somewhere in whatever is bleeding.

-Legal Documentation-

    By agreeing to admission to our facilities, you hereby agree to abide by all rules and terms of service outlined in patient or resident handbooks, rules and codes of conduct. You hereby agree to waive your right to voluntary dismissal from our facilities until such a time as facility heads of staff sign paperwork for your release. You hereby agree to comply with facility staff recommendations, demands, or outlines for treatment. You hereby waive your right to informed medical consent before medication changes or medical procedures. You hereby agree to waive your right to hold Crane Pharmaceuticals and its Subsidiaries responsible for any personal harm or distress incurred during treatment. Crane Pharmaceuticals and its Subsidiaries reserve the right to add or amend these terms of service at any time.

Please sign and date below.

    Aubrey Dysraeli 09/18/2010

Crane Pharmaceuticals ®2009, 2010

Aubrey Dysraeli

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Aubrey Dysraeli Empty Re: Aubrey Dysraeli

Post  Admin Zephyr on Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:06 pm

Aubrey Dysraeli 2ymj6ok

. Your Admission Form Has Been Approved .


    Crane Pharmaceuticals has approved your request for admission to our state of the art facility. Please read the information below for details, and don't forget to read your facility code of conduct and prohibited items guide.

    You have been referred to Ward J.
    Your assigned room number is 114.
    Your primary therapist is Dr. Nathaniel Brideston.
    Your primary issues group and subgroups are listed below:

    • Sexual Deviancy Group

    All patients must attend group and individual therapy with their primary therapist. All patients are required to take medications at scheduled times unless otherwise specified by their primary therapist. All patients are provided with a WELCOME PACKAGE. The included scrubs are to be used as night wear, and may be used during the day if the patient so wishes.

    Don't forget to go to the USERGROUP section to sign up for your PRIMARY ISSUES GROUP -O N L Y-! If you don't, you won't get a username colour, and the account will be subject to deletion during the next activity check. Do not sign up for your subgroups. And don't forget to claim your play-by on the face claim and add your character to the who-plays-who.

    Thank you for choosing a Crane Pharmaceuticals facility to help you rehabilitate and grow. We hope that your stay will be a pleasant one, and wish you every luck in your treatment and rehabilitation.

Patient Prescribed CY-47 Twice Daily.

Crane Pharmaceuticals ®2009, 2010
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