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Hallowsgate Hospital,
1507 Slaughters Creek,
Cabin Creek, WV



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Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution

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Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution Empty Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution

Post  Admin Ghost on Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:49 am

Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution 2ymj6ok

Welcome to St. Matilda Institution and Rehabilitation Hospital


Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution 23m8rqq

The St. Matilda Institution and Rehabilitation Hospital is a state of the art mental health facility located in picturesque North-Eastern Vermont. The Facility has been owned and operated by leading medical and psychiatric research and production company, Crane Pharmaceutical, since the early 1930s, and has been in operation as a mental health facility since its inception in 1888. The Institute is located on a sprawling expanse of land in a quaint and relaxing wooded valley, with emphasis on a quiet location to better aid our patients in their rehabilitation from mental ailments.

    "Owned and operated by Crane Pharmaceutical, St. Matilda's isn't exactly a walk in the park. Since the facility's purchase in the 1930s, rumours abound about what exactly goes on behind the looming brick walls. Anything from drug testing, to shock therapy and isolation. One thing is for certain: Many people go in, and not many come back out again.

    Crane Pharmaceutical is a less than completely reputable company. What goes on behind facility walls is strictly controlled and contained from the outside world. From drugs testing to trying out new psychiatric therapies, Crane facilities are less of a safe haven, and more of a personal hell for those unlucky enough to find themselves as patients."

The main building itself is comprised of three main 'wings' as well as a number of additional buildings nestled into the secluded grounds. The facility is high security, fenced in on all sides and regularly patrolled. The main building houses St. Matilda's high-risk patients, offering only the side yard and the courtyard as outdoors hang-out spots, unless grounds privileges are earned. Patients are not permitted to leave the main building or these yards without a member of staff or express permission.

Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution 2ngy4p5


St. Matilda's Grounds and Layout

Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution Groundsmap.th

    Administration Wing - Reception, Staff Offices, Records, Faculty Lounge

    The Spine - Individual Therapy Rooms, Group therapy Rooms, Specialised Group Rooms, The Dining Hall, Recreation Rooms. Hallways. Restrooms

    Main Building Outdoor Areas - All Patients - The Courtyard, The Sideyard, The Terrace Gardens, The Outdoor Pool, The Badminton Courts.

    Ward A - High Security Ward - Patient Dormitories 1-10, Single Patient Dormitories 11-15, Ward A Security& Nurse's Station, East Wing Recreation Room.

    Ward B - Substance Rehabilitation Ward - Addictions Counselling Offices, Rehabilitation Wing Dormitories 1-10, Rehabilitation Wing Recreation

    Ward C- Female Patient Dormitories 1-10. Female Patient Dormitories 11-20. Female Showerhouse

    Ward D - Outpatients Suites - Outpatient Suites 1-20, Outpatient Recreation Hall - Outpatients Daycare

    Ward G - Resources - The Library, The Computer Room, The Phone Booths, Nurse's Station.

    Ward H - The Theatre, The Function Hall, Function Hall Restrooms

    Ward I - West Wing Recreation Room. The Solarium. Short-term Isolation Block

    Ward J - Male Dormitories 21-30. Male Dormitories 31-40. Male Showerhouse

    Sublevels I & II - Solitary Confinement. Treatment Rooms. Sublevel Showerhouse. Nurse's Station.

    Occupational Buildings - The Laundry Facility. The Bakery. The Repair Shop. The Cattle Sheds. The Grain Shed

    The Patient & Staff Grounds - The Gardens and Pavilion, The Water Tower, Wooded Trails, The Reservoir, The Chapel

    The Medical Building - Reception Area, Staff Offices, Consultation Room, Emergency Rooms, Intensive Care Unit, Patient Rooms. The Labs and Radiology Rooms.

    Staff Only Grounds - Staff Cottages. The Mini-Mart. The Park. The Schoolhouse. The Recreational Fields.


Dormitories and Isolation

All dormitories -except single occupancy dormitories- provide each patient with a chest of drawers for approved belongings, and a shared warbrobe. Windows are housed behind steel mesh shutters, which are to remain locked at all times for the safety of the patients.

Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution 1dorm

Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution 2dorm

Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution 4dorm

Patients found disrupting the peace, or otherwise posing a risk to themselves, other patients, or St. Matilda's staff may be transferred to the isolation ward for observation and review of medication and psychotherapy. Further treatments may or may not be explored, depending on circumstance and case.

Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution Isoo

Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution 2ymj6ok
New Orleans . Baton Rouge . Kivirograd . Phan Rang . East Haven

Vermont Facility Dean

Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution 15o9oyg

Dr. Nathaniel Emmanuel Brideston: Facility Dean, specialising in pharmaceutical applications and "treatment" research. Single. Heir of St. Matilda's Vermont Facility. Major Crane Pharmaceuticals shareholder. Descendant of Crane Pharmaceuticals founders.
Age: 32
Residence: St. Matilda's Admin Staff Apartments


Welcome to the St. Matilda Institution 2ymj6ok
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