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Kezia Heron

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Kezia Heron Empty Kezia Heron

Post  Kezia Heron on Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:59 pm

Kezia Heron 2ymj6ok

-Heron, Kezia-

Kezia Heron Pbucket

    Date of Birth: 03/17/1991
    Age: 18 almost 19, my birthday’s in a few months.
    Gender: Female
    Address: 21 Kettering Lane, Denver Colorado, 80022
    Physical Appearance:
    I grew so I’m 5’4 now, about 124lbs. My hair, eyes, skin, all brown. And I like piñata colodas and getting lost in the rain… Really, you have my photo why are we going through this insanity? I don’t want to talk about my body or physical appearance okay?

-Medical History-

Do you suffer from any ongoing medical conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes, asthma or other long-term physical disabilities, diseases or afflictions?

Hypoglycemia from birth. I simply need to eat between meals or keep a little candy so I can nibble and I‘m fine.

Do you have any allergies to foods, inhalants or medications? Please list allergies and age of onset below.


Does your family have a history of any ongoing medical conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes, asthma or other long-term physical disabilities, diseases or afflictions?

I was born in a polygamist cult and I’m not quite sure about birth 'parents'. As far as my adoptive family, both sides have cancer and heart disease pretty strong.

-Psychological History-

Do you, or have you ever suffered from a mental affliction, or do you feel that you have problems with your state of mind? Examples could be anxiety, depression, seeing or hearing things that are not there, suffering from uncontrollable impulses, or entertaining damaging thoughts such as wanting to harm/kill oneself or do something damaging to another person. Have you ever abused controlled substances, alcohol, or prescription medications?

You guys really cut to the chase. When I was younger, I abused my ADHD medication, Adderall. I don’t have ADHD, It was a misdiagnosis. And my adoptive mother’s Oxycodin. She hurt her back in a car accident and had a long prescription…I started taking them to combat night terrors and kinda trip out when I felt like the world was eating me alive.
I’ve been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder that I’ve managed to keep under control with a healthy diet, tai chi…and not lying so much. I still have my hard moments, when I just can’t think rationally and start knocking heads. But I’m better at recognizing them, I think.
Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression I think, I think if you read the supplements it’ll be self explanatory. And abused drugs... Can I get a hell yeah, and yes please?
In addition to my oxy and Adderall. I had a friend, who turned me on to stuff like ecstasy and even a little Meth.
She's part of the reason I'm applying.
The other part is because I'm a dumbass.

Have you ever seen someone for these problems or addictions? Or have you been hospitalised or housed in an institution or home for people who suffer from mental afflictions, or admitted to a drug rehabilitation centre? If so, for how long, and what was your diagnosis?

The Hadley Institute, I was there for all of high school and saw Doctors Peter Bostelman, Rachel Vincent, Gunner Bjorgen, the latter I’d recommend gets to interrogate terrorists. We’d find Bin Laden in 6 hours if we did. I was diagnosed with a bunch of things. According to them I have: Conduct disorder, C-PTSD and I may have some depressive tendencies.

-Personal History-

Where were you born, and where did you grow up? Were there any complications during your birth? What was your infancy like?
I was born into the previously mentioned cult and my infancy and child hood were as follows: Physical, Emotional, Sexual abuse. I actually have a scar on my thigh from what they did to teach babies not to cry.
The first ten year of mt life explain the following nine.
After that, I grew up partially with adoptive family and Hadley.

Did you ever have any long-term separation from your parents?

As a child? I wish.
The sperm donor and rapist co-founded a cult with his brother, both of whom are serving long sentences in prison, hopefully getting raped violently every single day. My mother was their little sister. I’ve never seen her in my life, and she’s dead. So I’ve had a lot of separation from her and not nearly enough from them.

Do you have any siblings? If so, did you get along well with them?

My Adoptive mom and dad gave birth to a little boy, Aydren while I was at Hadley. I Love that little boy so much. He’s the sweetest little person in the whole world and I would die for him, he’s 3 years old and one of the reasons I’m applying here; I don’t want his big sister to be a strung-out drug whoring, college dropout psycho.
But genetically speaking, no.

Did you attend public or private school, and if so, what were your grades like and how did you feel about it?

I’ve never dropped below a 3.1 GPA. A Mix of public and I supposed the Institue counted as private...
I attended an institute, by attended I mean was shipped to after almost killing myself on accident, managed to keep a damn high GPA despite a lot of fighting and generally being a horrible little goblin to deal with, I had a 3.4 when I graduated.
I liked school, hated the place.

Do you have an interest in the opposite or same sex, and if so, when did you become aware of this interest?

[s]Liam Clarke, I was 15 when I realized I loved him but he's probably dead by now so I don't even know why I'm writing this...[/s]
I honestly have no fucking clue. I’ve been in absolutely no real heterosexual relationships -being raped as a small child and throwing yourself on boys when you’re bored doesn’t count- but at the same time I guess I like men. And my only lesbian relationship was extremely emotionally, physically and sexually abusive, I see that now… My sexuality is confused doormat.

Emphasis on doormat.

I started taking an interest around age 11ish in boys, because I had a foster father who loved sticking his fingers and other things where they didn't rightly belong. It was wrong and inappropriate but that was the first time a man touched me and it didn’t hurt.
For girls, that’s probably age 13 with Kari… she was [s]a cunning-lingous[/s] more knowledgeable and I was inexperienced for somebody who was being sexually abused for a far back as she can remember.

Were you ever admitted to a psychiatric or correctional facility for juveniles, and if so why were you admitted, and how did you feel about it?

The Hadley Institute for Troubled Youth from ages 14-18, I think if I had been tossed in a pit with ravenous wolves in a bacon bikini I would have gotten a better experience. I hated most of the teachers, I hated staff, nurses, guards, and I detest in a special place in my heart, all therapists because of that jackass Dr. Bjorgen.
I pity the ridiculous prick I have to see here.
Actually…I don’t. I survived Dr Gunner Bjorgen. I highly doubt anyone you have her could Possibly be worse than him.

-Criminal History-

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, what was the conviction, and was was the sentence served, or fine paid?

I have assault 6 charges but most of them occurred before I was even 14 so, no criminal records there.
I have one from a bar fight. I was with Kari and she was about to get her ass whipped by she really scary butch lady for calling her a whore. I had to protect my lover… looking back I should have let the butch lady pummel her.
And the other one really shouldn’t be an assault charge and I’m contesting it. Professor Alex Horatio Graves was trying to rape me. Explain why my anthropology professor was rubbing my crotch when his secretary came in? I Don’t [s]Fuck[/s] Screw Teachers for Grades.

Incident # 1:
06/04/2008 The Cavern bar. Denver, Colorado 1:45am
Police were dispatched to break up a bar fight between 34-year-old Elizabeth Scott and 18-year-old Kezia Heron. The younger female was backing away from Ms. Scott after hitting her in the back of the head with a half empty bottle of beer at the end of a physical altercation. Both women has facial lacerations, pulled hair, bruises on the face and upper arms, Ms. Heron’s top was torn and her stomach had a small cut that was treated on the scene.
Both women spent one night in the holding pen and were given 200 hours community service.
Ms. Heron completed hers with a month and the court received a letter that praised the girls’ service to her community.

Incident #2:
4/21/2009. Office of Professor Graves University of Colorado at Denver. 4:07 pm
Student K. Heron and Professor A. Graves were found by administrative assistant, Mr. Chase Alters in a heated conversation. When Mr. Alters opened the door he saw Ms. Heron strike the Professor with his Teaching excellence award and call him names.

Have you ever taken or abused controlled substances? Have you ever had an addiction to prescription medications, or have you abused alcohol?

I'm taken Adderal, Abuse Oxy and Meth, LSD once but I'd rather not talk about it.
Do the magic little Pills form Hadley count?
I’m not a fan of drinking, but I have gotten drunk 2 times…and regretted both. I don’t drink at all anymore.
Why do you people make us repeat ourselves so much?
YES, I have in the past. Not anymore.

I spent three months at Mount Orchard Rehabilitation Clinic in Utah for substance abuse, getting clean...kind of like brushing and flossing your teeth before going to the dentist.

-Personal Interview-

What are your goals in life?

I still want to be a chef.
[s]I’d like to have someone to love that wouldn’t hurt me.[/s]

How do you hope that our facilities might help you in achieving those goals?

I’m tired of this; I want to get better, I don’t want to waltz into lousy relationships thinking that if I get slapped across the face I must have done something to deserve it. I don’t want to be addicted to Meth, E or Oxy anymore…I don’t want to be dead before I’m 30. I just….I want to be like other girls. Just a of sides up but mostly normal… I know that I really can’t solve the major problems I have at home.
I can dry out, I can start to get better…but the friends, the life, Kari…It’s all in Colorado I have to get away and stay away, to get strong and then …well, then not go back to the places I remember.
I started to recover a little bit in Hadley. But it was because of the friends, especially[s]Liam[/s] one in particular, who did that.

Finally, tell us a bit about yourself.

Huh. I really don’t know what to say here…I’m what happens when love is denied for a long time and given in abundance a little too late. All the support and love in the world can’t make the memories I have go away.
Damnit, you’re making my mother cry… You’re a place that deals with lost souls right?
Well, here I am.
It’s a rainy night and you opened your door. I’m the rain soaked kitten with a bitten ear that nobody wanted…you can either let me in or kick the box and me back into the street.

Kizzybit is our only daughter and her life has been hard enough…please, we’re asking you to help her be who she wants to be, and not what she falls into.
My Kizzy is so very world weary but naïve at the same time. It’s hard to watch her fall apart.
that Kari is like a drug to her, I would do anything to keep that…woman away from my little girl.
My Kizzybit's NOT a lost cause, she just needs help, but Saundra and I can't help her in the way she needs.
We pray you can.
~Phillip Jansuer

-Legal Documentation-

    By agreeing to admission to our facilities, you hereby agree to abide by all rules and terms of service outlined in patient or resident handbooks, rules and codes of conduct. You hereby agree to waive your right to voluntary dismissal from our facilities until such a time as facility heads of staff sign paperwork for your release. You hereby agree to comply with facility staff recommendations, demands, or outlines for treatment. You hereby waive your right to informed medical consent before medication changes or medical procedures. You hereby agree to waive your right to hold Crane Pharmaceuticals and its Subsidiaries responsible for any personal harm or distress incurred during treatment. Crane Pharmaceuticals and its Subsidiaries reserve the right to add or amend these terms of service at any time.

Please sign and date below.

    Kezia Jullianne Heron 01/16/2010

Crane Pharmaceuticals ®2009, 2010

Kezia Heron

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Patient File
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Assigned Therapist: Dr. Charlie Wilson

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Kezia Heron Empty Welcome

Post  Guest on Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:07 pm

Kezia Heron 2ymj6ok

. Your Admission Form Has Been Approved .


    Crane Pharmaceuticals has approved your request for admission to our state of the art facility. Please read the information below for details, and don't forget to read your facility code of conduct and prohibited items guide.

    You have been referred to Outpatient Apartments .
    Your assigned Apartment number is 01.
    Your primary therapist is Dr. Charlie Wilson.
    Your primary issues group and subgroups are listed below:

    • o Antisocial Conduct
        o Psychiatric Issues
        o Substance Abuse

    All patients must attend group and individual therapy with their primary therapist. All patients are required to take medications at scheduled times unless otherwise specified by their primary therapist. All patients are provided with a WELCOME PACKAGE. The included scrubs are to be used as night wear, and may be used during the day if the patient so wishes.

    Don't forget to go to the USERGROUP section to sign up for your primary issues group only! If you don't, you won't get a username colour, and the account will be subject to deletion during the next activity check. And don't forget to claim your play-by on the face claim and add your character to the who-plays-who.

    Thank you for choosing a Crane Pharmaceuticals facility to help you rehabilitate and grow. We hope that your stay will be a pleasant one, and wish you every luck in your treatment and rehabilitation.

Patient Prescribed CW-09 & CX-27 Once Daily.

Crane Pharmaceuticals ®2009, 2010


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