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Post  Mod Nebby on Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:47 pm

Prohibited Items 2ymj6ok

Prohibited Items


All of our state of the art psychiatric and rehabilitation facilities observe a strict guideline for acceptable and prohibited personal effects and substances. Below you will find a comprehensive list of the things that we do not allow on-site unless other specified by facility heads of staff. A search of all persons admitted to our facilities is mandatory, and items that violate guidelines will be confiscated.

Drugs and Alcohol: We do not allow any controlled substances, medications not prescribed to a resident or patient, aerosols, other substances that may be used in an inappropriate manner, or alcohol on-site at any of our facilities. These may include, but are not limited to such things as solvents and glues, aerosol products not for personal hygiene purposes, organic compounds of a mind-altering or psychedelic nature, narcotics and opiates not prescribed to the patient, or any other substances that may be abused. Prescription medications will be kept by facility staff and administered at the discretion of the nurses or doctors on duty.

Clothing or Items of a Suggestive Nature: Items of clothing, or personal effects comprised of images that are suggestive in nature are not permitted at our facilities. This includes drug paraphernalia or iconography, sexually suggestive or explicit imagery or sculpture, offensive images or language and violent imagery.

Weapons: Our facilities do not allow weaponry of any kind, or objects that may be considered as weapons or used against another person with the intention of causing physical harm. This includes but is not limited to: Knives and other blades, firearms, metallic objects with sharp points or edges, chains, heavy objects that may be used to bludgeon, such as paper weights and ashtrays, glass bottles, jars, flatware or ornaments, construction tools of any kind, sports paraphernalia such at bats and rackets, and ignition devices such as cigarette lighters and matches. Those wishing to smoke in designated areas may request a light from the nurse or orderly on duty.

Personal Electronics: Personal electronics must be earned by each resident or patient through outstanding behaviour, and may be revoked thereafter at any time should behaviour decline. This includes cell phones, MP3 players, laptops and personal gaming devices. St. Matilda Outpatients are permitted to have personal electronics without need for approval.

Miscellaneous: Items that could be used for harming self or others, such as scarves, belts, shoelaces, headphone cords, or other cords. Medicines of any kind. Prescription medications will be administered by the staff at the nurse's station along with daily medications, or upon request and staff approval. Musical instruments. Breakable objects, such as sheet plastic and plastic silverware that can be used to harm someone or self. All cafeteria silverware to be accounted for before patients may leave dining hall.

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